Love Your Gazpacho

Dear Chef Sylvia,

I love love love your Gazpacho, and would love to make it. How do you make it and can I make it without the heat (my husband doesn’t like spicy).




Orange, NJ

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Nicolas,

    You need a new husband (just kidding)! I’ll make a compromised offer and provide you all the ingredients and techniques but I can’t provide amounts. It is one of our most popular items and, after all, it took me 20 times to perfect!

    Certe’ Gazpacho


    Tomato Concasse
    Olive Oil
    Sea Salt
    Cayenne Pepper (take out for Hubby)
    Country Bread (crust off)

    Add the Soaked Ingredients liquid to the above (see below). The Sea Salt will have pull the liquid from the vegetables.

    Add Chopped Basil, Chives, & Parsley at the end.

    Soak Overnight the Following:

    All Diced
    Red Pepper
    Yellow Pepper

    Soak in this :

    Red Vinegar
    Sea Salt

    Keep It Fresh!

    Chef Edward Sylvia

  2. Nicolas Constantine says:

    Thank you so much, Chef! P.S. I think I DO NEED a new husband lol!!


  3. Jamie says:

    I love this recipe!!! I am a vegetarian who likes gourmet but fast quick and easy… You can even use Cornbread, a southern favorite.

    Thanks Chef!!!!

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