Hi Chef Sylvia,

I attended a corporate event last year that Certe’ catered for a Thanksgiving theme intended for around 200 people. I noticed you were serving the turkeys room temperature. The turkeys were so juicy, I wondered how you were able to do this, especially for that many people??




The best way to get a flavorful Turkey, regardless of how it is prepared, is to start with a brine. Brining adds moisture and flavor to poultry and helps to keep it from drying out.

To properly brine a turkey you need to start the night before you plan to cook. You will need at least 10 to 12 hours (plan on 1 hour per pound), a container large enough to hold your turkey and enough brine to cover it. A fresh, “natural” turkey works best, but a completely thawed, previously frozen turkey will work just as well.

Brine Ingredients: To make the brine, mix 1 cup of table salt in 1 gallon of water. You will need more than 1 gallon of water but that’s the ratio to aim for. Then add any other spices as you like.

Place the turkey in a container and pour in enough brine to completely cover the turkey with an inch or two to spare. Now place the whole thing in the refrigerator. When you are ready to begin cooking the turkey, remove it from the brine and rinse it off thoroughly with cold water. Cook the turkey as normal.

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Chef Edward Sylvia




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