Hi Chef Sylvia,

I am a big fan of your pizzeria, Pizza by Certe. I am impressed that you make your own sauce from real tomatoes and would like to know (if you will!) the process itself from peeling the tomatoes to the finished product.

I know you probably won’t give up the recipe, but if you could tell me how you begin the process.

Thanks–great job there!!




Thank you for your question!

The beauty of Pizza by Certe’s Tomato Sauce lies in its simplicity. A few ingredients come together to create phenomenal flavor.

You will need to start, quite obviously, with fresh, ripe Plum Tomatoes.

• With a paring knife, x-mark an incision in the bottom of a Plum Tomato.

• Remove the stem on top.


• Place in boiling water for 30 seconds and then immediately place in ice   water.

• Remove the skin and cut in half horizontally.
• Squeeze the seeds and water out. (We make our Tomato Seed Vinaigrette with ours)


Run through a grinder.




• Use the meat of the tomato as you would any Tomato Sauce recipe you enjoy.

• Add the water to adjust consistency.

This is the secret to our Sauce—FRESH TOMATOES—NOT CANNED.

Keeping it fresh!

Chef Edward Sylvia

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