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Friday, July 20th, 2012


Hi Chef,

I got some fresh strawberries, nice looking & red & perfect. But I pucker at the thought of tart fruit. How should I store them, first (in the fridge, in the green plastic basket, airless???) And then, is there a way for me to marinate them in something in order to make them sweet?

Anne J.



Hi Anne,

First things first:

Leave them in the original container, store inside the refrigerator drawer, and never wash them until they are ready to use. Do not store them air tight. Ensure there is only other fruit inside the drawer, as they will absorb other food smells.

To sweeten them up, I suggest a few different methods.

• Simple Syrup with a couple drops of flavors. Basil Syrup,
Cardamom Syrup.

• Honey with a splash of Balsamic.

You can also freeze them for use later. Clean and sprinkle with sugar, spread on a sheet pan, and freeze. After they are completely frozen, you can remove and store in air tight bags, and then place back into the freezer.

Enjoy these beautiful strawberries while they last!

Keeping It Fresh,

Chef Sylvia